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Here are the jokes for September 2010. Click on a joke name in blue to navigate to that joke.

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Date: Joke:
September 1st, 2010Onestone
September 2nd, 2010The Elderly Italian
September 3rd, 2010It's All About Golf
September 4th, 2010Glass Eye
September 5th, 2010Witness Interviews Gone Bad
September 6th, 2010Arrogance is Equal to Stupidity
September 7th, 2010Heart Attack
September 8th, 2010New CEO
September 9th, 2010
September 10th, 2010Catholic School
September 11th, 2010Growing Tomatoes
September 12th, 2010Theory On Hell
September 13th, 2010Clarence
September 14th, 2010The Investment Advisor
September 15th, 2010Midget Surgery
September 16th, 2010Sherlock Holmes
September 17th, 2010Sheep Herd
September 18th, 2010Eternal Marriage
September 19th, 2010Locked Car
September 20th, 2010The Pharmacist
September 21st, 2010Balcony
September 22nd, 2010Mouse Balls
September 23rd, 2010Amazingly Simple Home Remedies:
September 24th, 2010Breeding Bulls
September 25th, 2010Murphy's Law in Sex
September 26th, 2010Golf Balls
September 27th, 2010Cell Phone
September 28th, 2010Two Aliens Landed
September 29th, 2010Ouch!
September 30th, 2010TV Shopping