Here are the jokes for May 2001. Click on a joke name in blue to navigate to that joke.

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Date: Joke:
May 1st, 2001Four Surgeons
May 2nd, 2001Blonde Dials 911
May 3rd, 2001Lawyer's Revenge
May 4th, 2001Road Rage
May 5th, 2001Bronze Sculpture of a Rat
May 6th, 2001One Too Many?
May 7th, 2001Try an Affair
May 8th, 2001X-Rated Videos
May 9th, 2001No More Virgins
May 10th, 2001Cat Scan
May 11th, 2001The Elevated Train
May 12th, 2001The Whole Truth
May 13th, 2001Old Age Marraige Proposal
May 14th, 2001Two Sweethearts
May 15th, 2001Tunafish
May 16th, 2001Screwing up a Business
May 17th, 2001Bearly Possible
May 18th, 2001Old Age Smoking
May 19th, 2001Speech-Recognition Demo
May 20th, 2001Old and Forgetful
May 21st, 2001Child Custody
May 22nd, 2001Worst Scenario
May 23rd, 2001Car Trouble
May 24th, 2001Don't Trust Golfing Lawyers
May 25th, 2001On Second Thought...
May 26th, 2001Scared to Death
May 27th, 2001Gunshot Wound
May 28th, 2001Pain in The Side
May 29th, 2001On the Job
May 30th, 2001The Death of Black Magic
May 31st, 2001Verbal Battle