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Here are the jokes for March 2006. Click on a joke name in blue to navigate to that joke.

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Date: Joke:
March 1st, 2006Chicken Sandwich
March 2nd, 2006For All You Lexophiles (Lovers of Words)
March 3rd, 2006Circus
March 4th, 2006The Cruise
March 5th, 2006Coincidence
March 6th, 2006Census Taker
March 7th, 2006Rejected Titles
March 8th, 2006Sunday School
March 9th, 2006Labrador Pup
March 10th, 2006Who Killed Abraham Lincoln?
March 11th, 2006Italian Bread
March 12th, 2006Smalll Town
March 13th, 2006New Company
March 14th, 2006The Shower
March 15th, 2006Texas Cowboy
March 16th, 2006Games For When We are ... Older
March 17th, 2006A New Wine For Seniors
March 18th, 2006Post Turtle
March 19th, 2006Golf Gun
March 20th, 2006One Out of Ten
March 21st, 2006Light Bulb
March 22nd, 20066 Double Vodkas
March 23rd, 2006Bank Teller
March 24th, 2006Psychiatric Hotline
March 25th, 2006On the Way to Prison
March 26th, 2006Irish Fight
March 27th, 2006Little People
March 28th, 2006The Fisherman
March 29th, 2006The Cure
March 30th, 2006Blonde Cowboy
March 31st, 2006Car or Haircut