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Date: Joke:
March 1st, 2001I Must Call My Mom
March 2nd, 2001Truckers & Priests
March 3rd, 2001Taking Advantage of Debts
March 4th, 2001A Priest & a Nun
March 5th, 2001Bus For Alaska
March 6th, 2001Visit to the Zoo
March 7th, 2001Built Like a Baby
March 8th, 2001Let it Rip
March 9th, 2001Lottery Win
March 10th, 2001Adultery Code
March 11th, 2001Stand Still Soldier
March 12th, 2001Lawyer Defending a Thief
March 13th, 2001Six Percent
March 14th, 2001Just Like My Mom
March 15th, 2001Dumb Nurse
March 16th, 2001Gift Mix-Up
March 17th, 2001Dead Dog
March 18th, 2001Climbing the Tree
March 19th, 2001Reasonable Doubt
March 20th, 2001New Baby
March 21st, 2001Too Drunk
March 22nd, 2001It's All Free
March 23rd, 2001Jacob and the Lotto
March 24th, 2001Facelift
March 25th, 2001Old Man
March 26th, 2001Rude Bus Driver
March 27th, 2001Embarrassment
March 28th, 2001Nice to Hear
March 29th, 2001Head of an Indian
March 30th, 2001Removing a Curse
March 31st, 2001Blonde Breathalyzer Test