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Date: Joke:
June 1st, 2001You Have Mail
June 2nd, 2001Blowin' Chunks
June 3rd, 2001All Booked Up
June 4th, 2001Out of Towner
June 5th, 2001Tired Arms
June 6th, 2001Duck Shooting
June 7th, 2001Billing per Hour
June 8th, 2001Pianist's Monkey
June 9th, 2001Lazy Golfer
June 10th, 2001Doctor With the Wrong Idea
June 11th, 2001Get Your Track Shoes On
June 12th, 2001Two Coats
June 13th, 2001Gorilla on the Run
June 14th, 2001Let the Other do the Hard Work
June 15th, 2001Twisted April Fool's Joke
June 16th, 2001Playing in Cathedrals
June 17th, 2001Old Oral Sex
June 18th, 2001One or Two Hands?
June 19th, 2001Wisdom Teeth Removal
June 20th, 2001Think First
June 21st, 2001Insanity
June 22nd, 2001I'll Come as a Dove
June 23rd, 2001Deadly Heart Condition
June 24th, 2001Foreign Sex Therapist
June 25th, 2001Smart Dogs
June 26th, 2001Cop on Horseback
June 27th, 2001Kind Barber
June 28th, 2001Sinful deed in a Convent
June 29th, 2001The Dumb Husband
June 30th, 2001The Last Request