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Date: Joke:
July 1st, 2001No Sex Since 1955
July 2nd, 2001Tell the Truth
July 3rd, 2001The Baptismal Service
July 4th, 2001Success
July 5th, 2001You Can Bet on It
July 6th, 2001Expensive Perfume
July 7th, 2001Little Johnny's Grandmother
July 8th, 2001The Parrot from a Whorehouse
July 9th, 2001Golf Challenge
July 10th, 2001The Magician and the Parrot
July 11th, 2001Serving Her
July 12th, 2001Morris the Matchmaker
July 13th, 2001Strength vs. Intelligence
July 14th, 2001Heaven or Hell
July 15th, 2001From the Beginning of Time
July 16th, 2001Be the Boss
July 17th, 2001Gone for a Holiday
July 18th, 2001Orders Up
July 19th, 2001Missing Parrot
July 20th, 2001Hot Air Balloon
July 21st, 2001Watch where you Lean
July 22nd, 2001Hatred for Macerena
July 23rd, 2001Assassins
July 24th, 2001GI Insurance
July 25th, 20015-Year old's New Brother
July 26th, 2001A Stuck Army Jeep
July 27th, 2001Ridiculous Questions?
July 28th, 20011st Priority: Look Active
July 29th, 2001Golfing Preacher
July 30th, 2001Penguin Game
July 31st, 2001Old Age Marraige Problems