Here are the jokes for January 2001. Click on a joke name in blue to navigate to that joke.

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Date: Joke:
January 1st, 2001Three Wishes
January 2nd, 2001The Rude Parrot
January 3rd, 2001Control Over Wives
January 4th, 2001Drunken Fools
January 5th, 2001The Blonde's TV
January 6th, 2001Hot Dogs
January 7th, 2001Back to Front
January 8th, 2001Autopsy
January 9th, 2001The Indian
January 10th, 2001Sleeping in Church
January 11th, 2001Meet her Parents
January 12th, 2001Blonde Dyes to Brown
January 13th, 2001The Centipede
January 14th, 2001The Pope and the Seven Dwarfs
January 15th, 2001Near Death
January 16th, 20012 Brothers
January 17th, 2001Midnight Phonecall
January 18th, 2001The Old Cowhand
January 19th, 2001Farm Accident
January 20th, 2001Pull, Buddy, Pull
January 21st, 2001New Face
January 22nd, 2001Lipstick Girls
January 23rd, 2001Farting Problem
January 24th, 2001Slow Reader
January 25th, 2001Psychic Advice
January 26th, 2001Doctor Checkups
January 27th, 2001The Elevator
January 28th, 2001The Theatre
January 29th, 2001The General
January 30th, 2001Dinner Party
January 31st, 2001Horse Ride