Here are the jokes for February 2001. Click on a joke name in blue to navigate to that joke.

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Date: Joke:
February 1st, 2001After Life
February 2nd, 2001Parrots
February 3rd, 2001Burial
February 4th, 2001Real Jobs
February 5th, 2001Plugged In
February 6th, 2001Phone Call at Night
February 7th, 2001On a Lonely Island
February 8th, 2001Flight To New York
February 9th, 2001Serving At a Desert Outpost
February 10th, 2001Pea Soup
February 11th, 2001In Thick Fog
February 12th, 2001The Costume Party
February 13th, 2001Mother of Six
February 14th, 2001The Dutch Uncle
February 15th, 2001The Stewardess
February 16th, 2001A Boy & Math
February 17th, 2001The French Cow Hand
February 18th, 2001Engine Trouble
February 19th, 2001Stay Out of the Dorms
February 20th, 2001Nasty Comment
February 21st, 2001Mirror, Mirror
February 22nd, 2001Railroad
February 23rd, 2001The Thermos
February 24th, 2001Soap and Water
February 25th, 2001The Vampire Bat
February 26th, 2001Operation
February 27th, 2001The Funeral Procession
February 28th, 2001Ruling