Here are the jokes for December 2000. Click on a joke name in blue to navigate to that joke.

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Date: Joke:
December 1st, 2000 Ice Fishing
December 2nd, 2000 The Maid
December 3rd, 2000 The Helpful Wife
December 4th, 2000 A Relative Matter
December 5th, 2000 Ugly Baby
December 6th, 2000 The Frying Pan
December 7th, 2000 Luck with the Ladies
December 8th, 2000 His and Hers ATM Machine
December 9th, 2000 The Worlds First Profession
December 10th, 2000 Revenge!
December 11th, 2000 A Difficult Case
December 12th, 2000 Kind Lawyers
December 13th, 2000 Work Accident
December 14th, 2000Surgical Gloves
December 15th, 2000Execution
December 16th, 2000Satisfaction from a Lawyers Office
December 17th, 2000George the Mailman
December 18th, 2000The Genie
December 19th, 2000Lawyer on Vacation
December 20th, 200010 Slices of Toast
December 21st, 2000Weird Baby
December 22nd, 2000The Mirror
December 23rd, 2000Detective Chen Lee
December 24th, 2000The Blind Man
December 25th, 2000Fruit Picking
December 26th, 2000The Gaurdian Angel
December 27th, 2000Breakfast Order
December 28th, 2000George Falls in Love
December 29th, 2000Three Guys in Heaven
December 30th, 2000Flying Lessons
December 31st, 2000Jesus, Moses, and the Old Man