Here are the jokes for August 2001. Click on a joke name in blue to navigate to that joke.

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Date: Joke:
August 1st, 2001Redneck Birth
August 2nd, 2001Lawyer's Brain
August 3rd, 2001Blame the Dog
August 4th, 2001Alligator in a Bar
August 5th, 2001Scaring the Kids
August 6th, 2001Who to Marry
August 7th, 2001Pigs
August 8th, 2001Praying and Sleeping
August 9th, 2001Bagpipes
August 10th, 2001One Less Lawyer
August 11th, 2001Automatic Aeroplane
August 12th, 2001Where do I Come from?
August 13th, 2001Cannibal Restaurant
August 14th, 2001Angry Wives
August 15th, 2001Mother's Day
August 16th, 2001Supermarket Training
August 17th, 2001Fancy Cooking
August 18th, 2001Blatant Racial Discrimination
August 19th, 2001Millions of Stars
August 20th, 2001Beautiful and Cute
August 21st, 2001In Good Hands?
August 22nd, 2001Just One More Time
August 23rd, 2001Killing the Wife with Love
August 24th, 2001Train Conversation
August 25th, 2001Legal Consultation
August 26th, 2001Camel Questions
August 27th, 2001Carjacking
August 28th, 2001Bill & Moe
August 29th, 2001You Never Learn Nothin'
August 30th, 2001Polishing Apples
August 31st, 2001Don't Speak