Here are the jokes for April 2001. Click on a joke name in blue to navigate to that joke.

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Date: Joke:
April 1st, 2001Blonde's Y2K
April 2nd, 2001Drunk Irishman
April 3rd, 2001Alligator Shoes
April 4th, 2001Inebriated State
April 5th, 2001Sign From God
April 6th, 2001School Punishments
April 7th, 2001Stranded on a Desert Island
April 8th, 2001Story of Women
April 9th, 2001Visit to the Doctor
April 10th, 2001Not Their Day
April 11th, 2001Redneck Math
April 12th, 2001One for Me, One for You
April 13th, 2001The Engineer
April 14th, 2001Sam Meets Leon
April 15th, 2001Advice From a Priest
April 16th, 2001They Don't Mess Around
April 17th, 2001Two Blind Pilots
April 18th, 2001Blonde Breast Stroke
April 19th, 200150 Year Sentence
April 20th, 2001The Godfather
April 21st, 2001The Lawyer and the Blonde
April 22nd, 2001Let the Trucker Sleep
April 23rd, 2001Two Spoons
April 24th, 2001The Electric Trainset
April 25th, 2001Mommy and Daddy Dearest
April 26th, 2001Little DJ Goes to School
April 27th, 2001Drunk Man and a Priest
April 28th, 2001Blind Bunny
April 29th, 2001Supermarket Embarrasment
April 30th, 2001Wedding Riot