A True Golfer
Date of Joke: Sunday, 9th June, 2013

A Man And A Young Beautiful Woman Are Engaging In A "Romantic Affair" In The Lovely Young Womans Bedroom. After The Event Between Them Comes To A Conclusion.

The Man Says: "It Is Almost Time For Me To Depart, But Before I Depart I Must Ask You For A Favor."

The Woman Says: "Sure Anything!"

So The Man Asks Her If He Could Mow Her Lawn, And Of Course The Woman Allows Him To Mow Her Lawn. After The Man Is Done Mowing Her Lawn

The Woman Says: "Thanks For Mowing My Lawn"

And The Man Replies With: "Believe Me Its My Pleasure"

So The Man Goes Home To His Wife Who Is Very Angry With Him For Leaving So Early In The Morning And Coming Back In The Afternoon.

His Wife Then Angrily Says: "Where Have You Been All This Time"

The Man Smiles And Says: "Honey, I Am Not Going To Lie To You, I Have Been Having An Affair With A Lovely Young Woman Just A Few Miles From Here"

The Woman Startled Looks At His Grass Stained Shoes And


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