Favorite John Madden Quotes
Date of Joke: Thursday, 28th March, 2013

"Hey, the offensive linemen are the biggest guys on the field, they're bigger than everybody else, and that's what makes them the biggest guys on the field."

"If this team doesn't put points on the board, I don't see how they can win."

"There're either going to run the ball here, or there're going to pass it."

"You see it, you see it, you see it....but you still cant stop it...Now THAT's frustrating"

"If your defense has dirt on their backs they're having a bad day."

"He had to get there fast, so he ran..."

"The fewer rules a coach has, the fewer rules there are for players to break."

(a lineman was having trouble with his helmet on the sidelines and couldn't get back in the game)
"Just put a bucket over his head and send him back in there."

"Brett Favre can throw the ball 300 yards underwater."

"I always used to tell my players that we are here to win! And you know what, Al? When you don't win, you lose."

"See, well ya see, the thing is, he should have caught that ball. But the ball is bigger than his hands."

"He might want to watch where he lands when tackling that guy, because he could really hurt his hand if it gets stepped on."

"Playing in this nice weather really makes me remember all the times I got stung by a bee."

"The best feeling is watching a real football game, because the games they show in the movies aren't real."

"There definitely needs to be water on the sidelines for these players, but I also had some Gatorade just in case they were allergic to the water or vice versa."

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