I Wanna Go Home
Date of Joke: Thursday, 30th August, 2007

An Englishman A Scotsman and an Irishman are all setting in a bar in New York discussing about how much they miss their home land. The Englishman says there is a pub near my home when you go in and order a pint and salute the Queen the next six drinks are on the house.

Not wanting to be out done , the Scotsman declares, that there is a pub near my home that when you order scotch whiskey and toast Mary Queen of Scott's the next six drinks are on the house.

Then the Irishman declares, in the County of Cork there is a pub that will give you all the drinks you can hold for free, then then they'll send you upstairs where you can have wild sex until the sun comes up, all for free.

Neither one of the other two believe the Irishman and ask him has this actually happened to you. Well no he replied, but it did happen to my sister, and she would never lie to me.

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