Play a Game
Date of Joke: Wednesday, 6th December, 2006

One day little Johnny went to school. His teacher said they were going to play a game. She would place an object behind her and describe it.

The first person to get it got a piece of candy. First she said, "The object is red and grows on trees."

A kid raised his hand and said "an apple" the teacher said correct.

Then she said, "The object is flat and comes in different colors" a different kid raises his hand and said it is a notebook!

The teacher said correct.

Then Johnny said, "ooh! ooh! Can I try?"

The teacher said yes.

He stood up and put his hand in his pocket. He said "The object is round, hard, and has a head on it."

The teacher said "JOHNNY! GO TO THE OFFICE!!"

Johnny said, "No it's a quarter!"

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