A Hindu, a Rabbi, and a Lawyer ...
Date of Joke: Saturday, 28th October, 2006

font face=arial size=2> ... are driving through farm land when their car breaks down.

They go to the nearest farm house and the farmer tells them that they can stay till morning but there is only room for two in the house, and one of them will have to stay in the barn.

The Hindu says " I'll sleep in the barn." and they all start to settle in for the night.

A little later on there is a knock on the door . It's the Hindu, and he complains that there is a cow in the barn, and in his land cows are holy, and it makes him uncomfortable to sleep there... So the Rabbi decides to sleep in the barn.

A little while later the rabbi is back complaining that there is a pig in the barn, and they aren't cosher, and he just can't sleep near it...So the Lawyer goes out to sleep in the barn.

A little while later there's a knock on the door,,,

It's the pig and the cow.

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