Golf Tragedy
Date of Joke: Saturday, 6th August, 2005

Verne was teeing off from the men's tee. On his downswing, he realized that his wife, Lucrecia, was teeing up on the woman's tee directly in front of him.

Unable to stop his swing, he nailed it, and hit her directly in the temple, killing her instantly. A few days later, Verne got a call from the coroner regarding her autopsy.

Coroner:" Verne, your wife seemed to have died from blunt force trauma to the head. You said you hit a golf ball and hit her in the temple, is that correct?"

Verne: "Yes, sir, that's correct."

Coroner: "I also found a golf ball wedged up her butt."

Verne: " Was it a Titleist 3 ?"

Coroner: "Yes, it was."

Verne: "That was my mulligan."

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