Recovery Room
Date of Joke: Monday, 10th January, 2005

A gentleman was just out of surgery for a appendicitus. His wife sat calmly beside him holding his hand while she waited for him to wake up. A few minutes later she looked over and his eyes were fluttering. He opened them, looked directly at her and said "Hi Beautiful" and went back to sleep.

Well, a little startled and blushing, the wife wondered what he was thinking as he hadn`t said anything that sweet to her in ages. A few minutes later, his eyes opened again, and he looked over and said, "Hi ya Cutie". then proceeded to fall back to sleep.

Feeling a bit hurt with the downgrade from beautiful to cutie, the wife patiently waited. When he woke up again, she said, "Honey, why did you downgrade me from Beautiful to Cutie just a few minutes ago."

And without missing a beat, the husband looked at her and said, "The drugs are wearing off."

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