Two Old Guys
Date of Joke: Friday, 4th June, 2004

Two 90 yr. old men decided to go to there local whore house one more time before it was to late. They drove to the place together & went in, The Madam asked "can I help you guys"

The old fellows replied" Yes we would like to get screwed one last time before we die.

The Madam thought to herself, I cant give these old pervs two of my good girls. So she decided to get two blow up girls & put them in a not well lit room. Well the two men finished there task & met back @ the car, The first guy asked his buddie "How was it?"

The old guy replied " It was like she was dead, She didnt move, moan or say anything but all in all it was good, What about you?"

The other guy replied "I think she was a witch"

His partner said, "What do you mean?"

He said "Well I bit her & she farted & flew out the window!"

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