Last Child Support Payment
Date of Joke: Monday, 21st July, 2003

Today is my daughters 18th birthday......I'm so glad that this I my last....damn child support payment. Month after month, year after year, those....damn payments. So I called my baby girl to come over to my house, and when she got there, I said to her, "Baby girl, I want you to take this last check over to your mothers house and tell her this is the last damn check she's ever going to get from me, and I want you to tell me the expression on her face." So my baby girl took the check over to her.

I was so anxious to hear what the b*tch had to say and what she looked like. As my baby girl walked through the door, I said, "now what did she have to say?"

"She told me to tell you that you ain't my daddy....."

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