Gay Gorilla
Date of Joke: Saturday, 31st May, 2003

Two gay gentlemen were walking through a zoo. They came across the gorillas and after a while they noticed that the huge male gorilla had a massive erection. This fascinated the gay men so much they couldn't take their eyes off of it.

One of the men just couldn't bear it any longer and he reached into the cage to touch it. The gorilla grabbed him, dragged him into the cage and screwed him for six hours non-stop. When he was done, the gorilla threw the gay man back out of the cage.

An ambulance was called and the man was taken away to the hospital.

The next day his friend visits him in the hospital and asked, "Are you hurt?"

"AM I HURT?" he shouted, "Wouldn't you be? That big ape hasn't called, he hasn't written..."

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