Boat for Sale
Date of Joke: Friday, 26th July, 2002

Thibodeaux was driving his car past Beaudreaux's house and saw a sign that read: "Boat for Sale". Thibodeaux marches up to Beaudreaux's front porch and raps hard on the door and Beaudreaux opens it.
Thibodeaux say, "Beaudreaux! How long we ban frands?"
Beaudreaux say, "Well......All our lives, Thibodeaux".
Thibodeaux say, "Why don you tole me you gotta boat?"
Beaudreaux say, "I ain't gotta boat!"
Thibodeaux say, "Da' sign say; 'BOAT for SALE'.
Beaudreaux say, "OH - NO Thibodeaux!!....See dat old ' 72 Ford pickem'up truck over dare?"
Thibodeaux say, "Yas. I see dat old pickem'up truck."
Beaudreaux say, "See dat ' 76 Cheverloet Ce-dan?"
Thibodeaux say, "Yas, I see dat Ce-dan."
Beaudreaux say, "Well, dey boat for sale."

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