Little Johnny's Substitute
Date of Joke: Wednesday, 14th November, 2001

Little Johnny goes to class one day to find that he has a substitute teacher. As the class gets settled the teacher writes her name on the board and says, "My name is Ms. Prussy, that's P-R-U-S-S-Y." Some of the kids in classs snicker and she says sharply, "That's WITH an R!"

So class goes by and the kids come to school the next day and there is the substitute again. She stands up in front of the class and says, "Okay students, who can remember my name? And don't forget the R!" About five hands go up and Dirty Johnny is one of them. He is jumping up and down trying to get her attention.

The teacher says, "Okay Johnny, what is my name?" To this Johnny replies, "Ms. Crunt, C-R-U-N-T!!"

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