Twisted April Fool's Joke
Date of Joke: Friday, 15th June, 2001

It's the first of April, and Joe is out of town on business. He returns home to find out that his wife is at the hospital in labor having their first child.

He rushes to the hospital, and goes to his wife's side. She has already had the child. He goes to the nursery to see the baby.

He spots the name on a crib and motions to the nurse. She points at the crib and Joe says, "Yes, he's my son."

The nurse picks up the baby and drops it on the floor. Joe is aghast. The nurse says, "Don't worry." She picks up the baby and slaps it hard across the face several times. Joe turns white in horror as she throws the baby across the nursery. Joe is about to faint as she holds the baby by it's testicles and swings it around her head.

Joe screams, "Stop you're kiling my baby!!!!"

The nurse responds, "April Fools... It was born dead..."

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