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More Tiger
Date of Joke: Sunday, 6th December, 2009

What was Elin doing out at 2.30 in the morning? Clubbing

Why did Tiger crashed into a fire hydrant AND a tree? He couldnít decide between a wood and an iron.

Why did Phil Mickelson call Elin yesterday? To pick up some tips on how to beat Tiger.

What is the penalty for getting it in the wrong hole? Ask Tiger, he knows.

Whats the difference between a golf ball and a caddy? Tiger can drive a golf ball.

It turns out that fixing Tigerís game and fixing his marriage both require the same thing: better control over his putz.

Why was Tigerís wife mad at him? She heard that he played a-round in Australia.

What will the headline be if they prove it is domestic violence? TIGERíS WIFE MAKES THE CUT

Tiger just changed his nickname but still kept it in the cat family. Cheetah.

What do Tiger and the Beatles have in common? They both experienced a hit with Norwegian Wood.

What does Tiger have in common with a baby seal? Theyíve both been clubbed by a Norwegian.

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