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Jesus, Moses, and the Old Man
Hot Dogs
Sleeping in Church
Meet her Parents
The Pope and the Seven Dwarfs
Pea Soup
Soap and Water
Truckers & Priests
A Priest & a Nun
Adultery Code
Jacob and the Lotto
Advice From a Priest
Get Your Track Shoes On
I'll Come as a Dove
Sinful deed in a Convent
The Baptismal Service
Golfing Preacher
The Chaffeur
Church Service
Jesus on the Cross
Drinking Nun
Newlyweds Joining the Church
Pope on the Ropes
Missing Bike
A Bale of Hay
A Veterinarian
Run-down Farm
Serious Stealing Case
The Preacher
If Money Could Talk
Best Son
Lost Rooster
Pastor and the Housekeeper
Priest's Donkey
4 weeks of life
Ordaining Priests
Clear as Black and White
The Preacher
Dead Jackass
Hypnotised Church Goers
Girl in Sunday School
Jesus Meets His Father
Wailing Wall
Rubbed Against It
PMS/PMT in the Bible
Faith in Jesus
The Missionary
$1000 in the Collection Plate
Dying Preacher
What Causes Arthritis?
Dead Mule
Young Preacher
Pastor Fuzz
Pope's Blessing
Little Gas
Adam and Eve
Sisters of St. Francis
They're finally together
Email from God
Church Bloopers
Blind Man
Nun and Fortune Telling Machine
Sex on the Sabbath
I've Fallen
Clean Windows
Lights Out
Nookie Green
The Bell
The Bell Part II
Osama Bin Laden Went to Heaven
Preacher & Children
Preacher Changes Sermon
Helping the Pope
And God Said...
Forgive Your Enemies?
Bless Me Father
Male and Female Prayers
The Eulogy
Million Years
Selling Bibles
Holy Trick
The New Priest
Train Station
Muslim Extremist Bumper Stickers
Holy Water
Just Water
Old Sparky
Cabbie and the Nun
Friar Florists
I am a Father
First Hot Dog
Terrible News
Atheist Holiday
Bear Facts
The Pope
Twelve Priests
The Reverend John Fuzz
A Matter of Religious Preference
Drive-Thru Confessional
Change of Mind
Priest In Airport Customs
Good Advice
Catholic Heart Attack
Gifts from God
The Dying Priest
Hair Dryer
The Dying Man
Alabama Preacher and the KKK
A Million Dollars
New Priest in Town
Twice in One Day
The Speeder
Two Beggars
The Pink Envelope
Hot Dogs
Struck by a Bus
The Wall
Words of Wisdom
A Day at the Races
Priest Playing Golf
Stuttering Salesman
Gas Can
The Minister
Profitable Mistake
Bar Mitzvah
Golf Confessional
The Monks
Pope's Blessings
Gas & Religion
Must Be That New Guy
The Devil
KFC and the Pope
A Little Gas
Father Micheal
Ten Commandments Sermon
Irish Confessional
The Wrong Side Of The Bed
Priest and a Drunk
Bless Me Father
Gas & Religion
Noah in America
Old Goat
Hot Dogs
Train Station
Terrible News
Selling Bibles
Priest In Airport Customs
Church Bulletins
Gas Can
Must Be That New Guy
The Minister and the Taxi Driver
An Affair
Modern Medicine
Sex on the Sabbath
Alabama Preacher and the KKK
Hot Dogs
I Guess It Works
Broken Scrotum
Father Norton
Words of Wisdom
A Day at the Races
Father Norton
Hot Dogs
Young Preacher
Gas Can
Gifts from God
Modern Medicine
Out of Gas
Priest In Airport Customs
The Speeder
It's All In the "Good Book"
Words of Wisdom
The Church Gossip