Lipstick Girls
Stay Out of the Dorms
Little DJ Goes to School
Two Sweethearts
2 Reasons Why I Should go to School
Final Exam
The Blob
The State of Education
Contemporary Education Politics
No Sword!
Teacher's Comeback
Unintended Results
Biggest Tool
Whats This?
Nail, a Screw and a Bolt
Smart A$$ Professor
Accountant, Lawyer and the Cowboy
Four Friends
Medical Observation
Physical Chemistry Midterm
Physics Class
Two Engineering Students
First Job
Double Negative
10 Times
Final Exam
Scientific Fact
Analogies and Metaphors
Mothers Milk
The Teacher's Gift
New Student
Young Guys
Harvard Test
NCAA Facts
Einstein's Speech
Teaching Math
OU Fan
Sexual Morality
Take Care of the Big Rocks First
The Evils of Marijuana
Teacher Arrested
Southern California Math Test
College Professor
Four Little Animals
College Rules
A History of Teaching Math
The Gift
Correct Choice
It Doesn't Pay to Lie
Fifty One Years of Math 1957 - 2008
Well Known Proverbs
Math Teacher
Don't Mess With Kids
Traffic Court
Traffic School
GCSE examination
Rubbing It...
Final Exam
Math Problem
Learning From Teachers
Generous Students
Ten Times
History of Math in America
Red Face
Learning From Teachers
Ten Times Normal
Smart A$$ Professor
College Rules
Dead Mule
Learning From Teachers
Happy Butt
College Professor
Late Again?
Ole Blue
Final Exam
Take Care of the Big Rocks First